sábado, 11 de noviembre de 2017

Chiquito Trail to Chiquito Falls | Cleveland National Forest CA


Chiquito Trail to Chiquito Falls is a 9-mile loop trail located in the Cleveland National Forest, near Lake Elsinore (California). The trail leads us to a seasonal waterfall and offers a great views of Orange and Riverside counties. This hiking route can be quite hot, so bring sunscreen, hats and plenty of water.

The start point is in the big parking in front of The Candy Store on Ortega Highway. A Forest Adventure Pass is required for each vehicle parked which can be purchased at the candy store.

You can eat a delicious apple pie in the Candy Store on Ortega Highway. 😍🍰

The Candy Store on Ortega Highway

The Chiquito trail can be accessed from the San Juan Loop. At the northeast corner of the parking lot you’ll see a sign marking the San Juan Loop trail head. The path climbs for a short distance and then descends to the San Juan Falls, which are dried up during the drought season.

San Juan Falls

Great Basin fence lizard

During the hike we have the opportunity to see lots of Great Basin fence lizards. This lizard is only found in the south of California. 

Next you’ll descend into the canyon where you can enjoy the shade of the oak trees. One mile later, a marker shows us the beginning of the Chiquito trail. Follow the path to your right and the uphill climb begins. 

Take your time and enjoy the awesome panoramic views. Soon you can see the Lion Canyon and, if there are water flowing, you will see the falls. Finally, the trail leads you to the top of the Chiquito Falls. This is a nice spot to sit and relax for a while before turning back.

Lion Canyon

Chiquito Falls

Chiquito Falls

viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2017

From Downtown Long Beach to Island Grissom | Long Beach CA


The four THUMS Oil Islands were built in 1965 in front of the coast of Long Beach. The islands are ringed by rocks from Catalina Island and filled with millions of cubic yards of material dredged from the bay. This project was overseen by Disneyland architect Joseph Linesch.

Since 1967, the islands were called with the name of astronauts that lost their lives during the early years of the U.S. space exploration. This is the case of Island Grissom that receive their name from Virgil I. Grissom.

Their exotic look was designed to hide the huge oil drilling rigs that tap into the rich oil beds under the city. Island Grissom is the closest to land, containing waterfalls and more screens sound walls than the others islands. The access to the island is not allowed except for occasional guided tours.

domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

El Dorado Nature Center | Long Beach


El Dorado Nature Center is an oasis in the middle of the city. Located on the banks of the San Gabriel River, it is a great place to get some fresh air and walking. There are trails around the two lakes and forested areas. There's plenty of benches along the trails so you can sit, rest and relax.

El Dorado Nature Center provides a perfect place for families and kids of all ages to learn about wildlife. You can see different animals as you walk: squirrels, ducks, ospreys and turtles. In the Visitor Center there is an educational display, an art gallery and a small gift shop.

South lake


viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

From Downtown Long Beach to Queen Mary ship


The Queen Mary ship is an icon of the Southern California coastline and a beloved historical landmark in Long Beach.  Between 1936 and 1967, the Queen Mary was considered the most beautiful and stately ship in the world. It was called “The Ship of Beautiful Woods” because of the spectacular woodwork created from the rarest trees in the British Empire. In 1967, it was sold to Long Beach and made her last journey from Southampton (UK).

The Queen Mary was converted for military use during World War II for the Allies. It earned the nickname Gray Ghost for its naval camouflage. 

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

From Downtown Long Beach to Colorado Lagoon


The Colorado Lagoon is a body of saltwater in east Long Beach and one of California’s few surviving wetlands. It is part of the Los Cerritos Wetlands.

This place has a sandy beach with restrooms, picnic areas and parking on the north and south shore. A floating footbridge in the middle allows you to walk across the lagoon.

The Colorado Lagoon remains a habitat for animals and plants. Walking around this environment you can easily become a bird-watcher. It’s a rest stop for all kinds of migrating birds. Herons, gulls, ducks and pelicans live in this place. There're benches to relax and a few informative signs with info on the lagoon and the various birds that inhabit it.

miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

From Downtown Long Beach to ShoreLine Aquatic Park


Shoreline Aquatic Park is a city park on Queensway Bay near downtown Long Beach. The park has some amazing views of the Queen Mary Ship, the Long Beach skyline and the Aquarium of the Pacific. All the park is a wide open green area that is used for picnics and special events.

At the center of the Shoreline Aquatic Park, on a grassy hill, is a lighthouse tower with a paved spiral walkway leading to it. It was built for aesthetic reasons and serves no navigational purpose.